Fibre Optic Products
 Light Sources

253mm (L) x 121mm (W) x 119mm (H)
Power of Lamp:
50 Watts
Lamp Life:
4000 Hours
Supply Voltage:
220 - 240V @ 50Hz
Axial Fan
Indoor, dry dust free locations only
Harness Type:
Plastic & Glass fibres
Effect Wheel Rotation:
2.5 rpm

150mm (H) x 320mm (W) x 340mm (D)
Power of Lamp:
150 Watts
HQI 150 T Lamp 6000 hours
Supply Voltage:
230V AC, 50/60Hz
8 colour wheel, Strobe & Dimmer
Indoor, dry dust free locations only
DMX 512 Master/Slave or Stand alone operation
Harness Harnesses are designed for different applications and can be made from plastic or glass fibres. They can be designed to work floodlights by transporting the light from the Light Source to the terminal fittings, or they can emit light sideways for illuminating walkways, bridges or for aesthetic effects.

Many different arrangements are available to suit all application requirements.

Multiple ends can all be connected to one light source, so each harness is dependant on the type of terminals required, the number, and the distance they are from the light source.
 Terminal Fittings  
We offer a range of Terminal Fittings to suit many applications.

Each of the harness ends is attached to a terminal fitting where the light can be diffused, spot lighted, or simply used for effect.

Having our own in-house machine shop we can custom make these to suit your requirements. All of our custom fittings are precision engineered to the highest standards and come in either satin or polished finish.

We also supply Diacromatic fittings, waterproof fittings for pools, eyeball fittings and many more...

 Sensory Products

Whether it's interaction, relaxation or both that you're looking for, FOS Global manufacture bespoke sensory equipment such as Fibre Optic Carpets, fibre optic side glow harnesses and lots more to suit all budgets. We offer a free no obligation design and quotation service.

For more information on our Sensory Products please contact us.

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